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From MIDWEST IL/WI — 11/14/2007

Indiana Insurance is owned by Liberty Mutual. They recently purchased Ohio Casualty and have reorganized their entire Agency Markets Company. The folks in charge have made the poor decision of closing regional ofices and opening large "call centers". This will prove to be incredibly detrimental for a company that has always been known for its superior claim service. They are closing their claim office in the Chicago area and moving it to Milwaukee, even though the vast majority of their business is located in the Chicago area......STUPID ! This will come back to haunt them and hopefully heads will roll in about 2 years when they realize how much business they are losing. Agents are very upset and will most likely renew their business with carriers who have an actual "local" presence.

They have always paid very well and working for them has been great, but the new management team is making very poor decisions that will only hurt the company in the long run.

Everyone will find jobs in the Chicago area as it is full of insurance carriers, unlike Milwaukee which is why no one is willing to move there. So they will have to hire all new people with a lot less experience than the ones they are letting go and that will hurt the bottom line even more.

It's just a matter of time before they realize their mistake and call all the people they let go in about 2 years asking them to come back to the office they have to reopen in Chicago.
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