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CSC — Falls Church, VA

I have been with CSC for over 8 years. The reason you see so many varied reviews is because CSC is a large company with lots of contracts. I happen to be on a good contract so our work hours are normal, management is fine and everything else is fairly good. And I don't get why people hate ... Read More

Kohl's — Opelika, AL

Okay, this review is comming from a Hard Worker currently working for Khol's--seems to be the opposite of most of the reviews on here. I'll take it in a step by step fashion, explaining each rating.

Pay Currently -1

Khol's is not at all competitive in the pay scale right... Read More

AT&T — ocala, fl

I have been a good little monkey for at&t for about 3 years now. The pay is slightly above average for the area, although everyone knows that call centers in other areas/states have a higher starting pay. The thing that keeps a lot of people there is the benefits and job security as you do... Read More


This is my 3rd year at ADP. I started right out of college and this is my first "real" job. I decided to write a real review based on a lot of things people are saying. Everything I'm saying is the truth. Believe me I don't live and breath corporate America but ADP is a solid company. ... Read More


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