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Target — PA

As I read through the comments so far, I am not terribly amazed. A lot of complaints, which I expected -- it is retail, and we get the worst employees. There is a "no one works as hard as me" syndrome at Target that is annoying. Get over yourself. You are working retail for some reason... Read More

Nike — Beaverton OR

great campus, lots of opportunities... the only real problem is they promote people too quickly so there is some marginal talent at higher levels. Read More

Progressive Insurance — Gwinnett

I have been with Progressive since 1997. I didn't know about this site until a coworker on my team told me about it I can't believe so many people could put down the company they worked for like this and still work here. If you don't like it leave. Just to set the record straight one c... Read More

Costco Wholesale — Issaquah WA

The company is great. Some of the members are AWFUL people. Read More


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