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Wells Fargo — Omaha, NE

Good company to work at. Read More

Walgreens — NC

I actually love my job at Walgreens. I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Film in '04, couldn't find a job, and after a year of searching stumbled upon Walgreens and got a position as an MGT. It's obviously not something I had thought of pursuing while I was in school, but it's fa... Read More

Bank of America — Baltimore maryland

Money is good, people are nice and promotions will come. Just do what your boss says and do not tell tales. Good Place. Read More

Microsoft — Redmone, Washington

After working for M$ for 8 years, I know the company very well. Don't work as a FTE work as a "V" or "A" dash.

M$ Tactics.

The shaft and shift - Employees rate managers so when M$ gives you a lower review than you worked hard for (10 hour days) they will move you to a ne... Read More


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