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Office Depot — New Jersey

This was my first job ever and I loved it. The company at the time (1999) had some different policies that it followed versus today. I have to thank that job for giving me the support and structure that i may have needed at the time. The pay was decent for starting off. benefits if you... Read More

Jamba Juice — Milawukie, Or

Jamba Juice was an amazing company. The only issue I ever had with them was their pay and benefits. Now that the organization has opened up to a public market their pay as well as their benefits have grown tremendously.

My manager was great, she always had a positive attitude & s... Read More

gamestop — Grapvine, TX

I've been to many websites where disgruntled ex-employees would write incredibly biased opinions on why Gamestop is a tyrannous company. I've got to say that these reviews are not only vengeful, but incredibly
unaccurate for a prospective hiree to think twice on.

First and f... Read More

Walgreens — Central Alabama

Walgreens is a good company to work for, it has rapid growth and a good solid base from which it is built. There are plenty of opportunities in the store as well as district and corporate positions nationwide. The profit sharing plan is superb and cannot be matched by any other company. ... Read More


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