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Jenny Craig — California

I have worked for Jenny Craig for 3 years and have mixed emotions. And yes, we are mostly female... hence the emotions. For the most part, the staff was nice and we got along really well. I felt naive to think this was a great company to work for. Being a college graduate, I though this... Read More

Nordstrom — TX

I've been with Nordstrom for 7 years. I've worked in the Rack division and full line. Nordstrom has it's pros and cons just like every place. I have my days where I want to walk out and never go back. But then I think about the fact that they let you handle your own business. If I wan... Read More

Home depot — Surrey

Working here has been okay. I'm a cashier and it's just been too long. All of the Head Cashiers are so nice and helpful, but the Front End Supervisor is such a little dipsh**. I go to school as well, and my work schedule is based on my school schedule. Dipsh** always tries and makes me... Read More

KMart — Canton OH

Overall my experience working with Kmart was a good one! Great co-workers, friendly in store managers, good flexibilty schedule wise. Promotion is easily attainable with good work ethics. I myself got promoted after only a few months, over people who had been there a lot longer. Show up, d... Read More


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