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petsmart — bolingbrook

i worked in a privite salon for 8 and a half years i eventually went to petsmart cause they have good benifit's, i see most you complaing about management,pay,hour's i personally work with good associate's and excellent management!!!!.i started off as a bather,stocker,register then went t... Read More

Hot Topic — Orange County, CA

I'm a Full Time Assistant Manager for Hot Topic in Orange County, CA. At one point in time my review would've been much better, and I'll explain why it's not below. Most of my ratings apply mostly to management, so keep that in mind when looking through my review. Ratings would be signific... Read More

ESPN — Bristol, CT

Probably one of the best companies I've ever worked for. Being it a 24/7 company, you could get a shift like 8 p.m. - 4:30 a.m. with tues. & wed. off. If your goal is work oriented, this company is a very good one. If you have a family, be wary of what shift you get. Benefits are great, as... Read More

Northwest Airlines — DTW

NWA is the best job I'v ever had. I'm a tech in DTW, and just past my first year. I got my A/P in 2001 and have been going form one small airline to the next, making $12-$15 an hour as a tech and then $18 as a MX sup. I enjoyed my time at all the airlines I'v work. I'm going to make ov... Read More


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