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Reviews of Jobs at Independent Sales, Inc.

3.8Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From Bergen County, NJ — 10/12/2010

Excellent company, I started with company 9 months ago and everything is working out for me. Company offers a flexible schedule, which is great for people looking for part time work, students, additional income, retired workers, and moms....I work in sales and some weeks are better than others, but on average it works out for me. For the money I make working part time and with the flexible schedule, I am usually home by 9pm, it works out great for me. I would recommend this company. On the downside they don't offer benefits, but working part time I have benefits already with full time job, so it is ok for me. The company also offers a recruitment bonus so if you are interested please call 201-753-4514 and let them know that Bobby C. referred you. Thanks
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