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From Aurora,Ohio — 01/15/2010

The pay scale is salary + commission, based on your sales of independent and assisted living apartments. The pay is not bad, considering they pay for all of your medical insurance, although if you try to add a spouse or child you may just consider yourself paying yours also,because it becomes an outrageous amount of money. They never really give you the commission they tell you that your going to get because they always split it with someone else in the office environment, so don't count on making too much extra money. Also, they hire 2 people for a position and never keep both people, basically they tell you to work together and then they tell you that your competing with the other person for your quota and they end up only keeping one or none of you.. The decision maker never makes up her mind and or forgets she says things and changes things on a daily basis so you never know which way you are going. Another person in the company wants this job and they don't think she is the right model for the job, so she always makes your day very pleasant, needless to say. The community in which the seniors live is lovely although they don't realize what is going on behind the scenes. Management is to be desired and they try to right you up for anything and everything. All I can say is good luck!
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