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From Lyndhurst, NJ — 01/27/2010

All the negative reviews below are from a bunch of upset employees who were let go because they couldn't do their job effectively, and are now venting and writing bad reviews. We have happy and satisfied clients and continue to build more clients everyday. If you didn't get the high paying job, bonus, and equity, because you didn't perform. It's a high-paced work environment with lots of pressure to perform. Only proactive people will survive. For one, i'm happy...i'm rewarded for my work, they acknowledge my hard work, and give me the incentive to keep doing higher level of work. They put clients first, so if the clients identify that they weren't happy with someone during any project implementation, yes, those employees are replaced. Tell me a company that doesn't manage its employees to performance? In a big company, you'll slide by and probably not come to this site to vent. But for some reason, these employees choose to vent about a smaller more agile company, that's doing wonders to keep growing, for the last 12 years!!!

I'm all in, 100% to this company's growth...because its better than working for a big company with no chance to learn a lot, and i have the proper incentives to be here. Stop complaining like little children. Be happy that you had a job in this bad job market, rather than trying to destroy the reputation of a company that gave you a job and kept you here in the worst of times!
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