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Working at IHOP ACG Texas — Reviews by Employees

Learn what employees have to say about IHOP ACG Texas pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth5
Work Environment2

From Dallas, TX — 11/10/2009

I worked here as an Assistant Manager as this is a franchise (ACG Texas) it had it's good points and bad my review is based on my personal experience not the company as a whole

Pay: I felt it was bottom of the scale especially considering this is a 24hr operation and you are expected to work in all positions from the kitchen to the front more days than not you will be short handed and have to work as a server not a big problem till you're in the middle of taking an order or delivering food and you have to break away to perform a management function, cook was the biggest issue as I seemed to only have one while other shifts had two or five you never should spend more than 25% of your time in the kitchen cooking when you are the only manager on duty but for me the kitchen is where I was 50-75% of my day
I can only say negotiate, negotiate when it comes to your salary especially in hugher volume sales restaurants start with a higher number and never accept less than you are already making in your current job.

Respect: There is very little especially if you have previous restaurant experience you may get more respect from your subordinates than you get from your co-managers. If there is one thing I think you must do in any management position is listen to the needs and ideas of your team members.You have to put yourself squarely in their position to know what they are going through. If you get an experienced and patient training/store manager support them and learn all you can however if you get a verbally abusive, and lazy manager that doesn't listen to or believe in your ideas as I did ask for a transfer as soon as possible because you will never gel as a team and your job will be on the line

Benefits: The benefits with this franchise were decent pretty much standard 401k, Medical and Dental I believe even vision 1 week vacation after 6 months

Job Security: as long as you adhere to and promote the standards aggresively you will do fine here. You will find some that like to skirt those standards from employees to management it will be hard to deal with but always do what you know is right. IHOP is a global brand so there are always promotion opportunities

Work/Life Balance: the main thing you should know is there are no holidays here in management however depending on the franchise they have the option to close on Thanksgiving and Christmas but most don't so this is a year round 24hr company and don't expect to request any holiday vacation. You do feel like you are always at work because it can be an exhausting job if you are doing all the right things and actually running the restaurant and not letting it run itself. There were plenty of times I requested off for normal family things and found I was scheduled anyway with no reason given.

Career Potential/Growth: Very Good but like I said previously negotiate your salary the economy may be down right now but you can bet CEO's and Upper Management are still getting their raises so ask for a livable salary check out salary .com for info on Restaurant Mangement positions in the area before your intertview. A positive salary creates a positive attitude towards your career with any company

Location: I didn't have a problem with it although there are plenty of other IHOP's in the area it's a growing area so it has busy days and slow days depending on your location

Co-worker Competence: In some cases good but in most it seemed like they picked and choosed what they wanted to do and to replace them was near immpossible because the store manager didn't work with some of the one's that needed replacing so of course they appeared to be angels. Management competence was a whole other thing as long as I didn't ask to many questions things were smooth but when questions were asked after I saw something from my experience that didn't look right it became a problem. There was no direction given on what day to day goals were other than making numbers.

Work Environment: Hostile, I always felt like I had to watch my back even though I got along with mpost of my co-workers there were a select few that were the GM's favorite's. It caused a problem because when I would direct them to do something that needed to be done it was always an issue of we don't have to do that. It was to the point I almost gave up trying to do the right things. In my experience I have learned to never trust anyone in the workplace unless you have a real bond with them and they have been a lifelong friend.
There are to many people out for themselves

In the end I would reccomend this franchisee and IHOP but be warned that if you see signs of verbal abuse, GM laziness, employee backlash towards you or anything that raises your own personal red flags get out as soon as possible. Remember to that many employers in the Restaurant industry want to see at least two years of full service experience for other full service management jobs. If a career in full service management is your goal ask for a transfer out of any negative situation. It will allow you to continue your career without feeling frustrated and miserable.
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