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From Sydney — 10/22/2007

I'll begin by saying that when I first told a friend that I had approached one of the directors at Hassell (Sydney) regarding an architecture job she said two words, "battery architects". If these words aren't obvious enough, it basically means that when one enters the office there are rows and rows of architects plugging away at their computers mostly looking miserable, overworked and underpaid. This of course is observed only after one is greeted by (usually a very young (you see no receptionist stays there long to enter into the 30 something age bracket), unfriendly receptionist (I assumed they were unhappy also). The principal architect there is a rude and presumptuous, egocentric maniac with very little people skills. This man is living with a hormonally imbalanced and insecure Landscape Architect who has also made it to Principal in this office, much to the surprise of many who have worked with her. On some occasions this woman has been known to play her own team members against each other causing severe problems with team dynamics. Some employees have also witnessed moments where she demonstrated pathetic displays, whereby she was clearly having a crisis in confidence. Only just saving face as she was rescued by Mr Principal-Egomaniac-Architect. I few years ago the company won an award for their equal opportunities for women in the workplace. This was one of the main factors that drew me to this office. On the surface this may have appeared true, as there are many female employees. However, women only ever make it to principal level if they are landscape Architects (in some cases sleeping with the boss is an added bonus) or Interior Designers. Most female Senior Architects, having been side lined by a newly recruited smooth operating male architect who fits in with the exclusive club at the top, end up leaving after years of slogging it out with little recognition or compensation for their efforts. This environment breeds a distaste amongst the women in the office where there tends to be an under current of rivalry and bitchiness. I found the office culture also to be quite contrived and false as most of the employees seemed dissatisfied. There are some very nice people who work in the office. Unfortunately though, they quay players who tend to run the show, in my opinion, need some serious lessons on leadership, integrity and the true meaning of equal opportunity in the workplace.
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