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From Austibn, Tx — 08/31/2010

Like others have said, its a good "in between" job, something to tide you over until you find a "real" job.
Its telemarketing/ sales masquerading as "research"

You call people up, or they respond to postcards to update their HS or college alumni directory. Then you sweet talk them into buying a $90 book. (Which is growing obsolete in this day of facebook and etc).

You are judged SOLELY on how many books you shmear people into.

You sit in a cubicle all day with only 2 breaks and a 45 min lunch.

There is NO room for advancement.
When I first got there I noticed that over HALF the office space was devoted to training new hires so I thought "they must have a really high turnover, nobody must stay" and within a few months, almost everyone in my training class was gone.

Its all about sell sell sell and they make you work until 10 oclock at night. Thus preventing you from having a normal "life"

They moved into smaller offices and let a few managers go because, I assume, the business was shrinking. Then they pressured a lot of us into joining the work from home program, lying to us, telling us that our internet bills and even part of our rent would be tax deductible as a home office. Coem tax time a tax preparer said that only counts if you spend over a certain amount on home office expenses. Surely Harris Connect woudl have known that when they were conning us.

Theres no denying that the benefits plan was quite good. But I am glad to be out of there.

At a recent unemployment hearing my trusted manager lied her face off UNDER OATH.

What a dirty dirty company Harris Connect is.
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