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From Norfolk VA — 08/12/2010

This review is a long time coming since I left the Company back in 2007 but I just only discovered this site. My start at Harris came via a job fair at one of the malls in Virginia Beach. I had the pleasure of meeting an HR Representative named Sandy. I was retired military, my resume had nothing on it that they were looking for but I explained to her that I was a quick study and she took a chance on me. I passed all the testing that was required and was hired to build OLQ's. That is short for Online Questionaires. I had the pleasure of working with a crew of great people in my section. We worked hard and were not allowed to make any mistakes but we enjoyed each other too. We never forgot a person's birthday and always found a reason to decorate. Our Manager, Cheryl, was tough but she too was under a lot of pressure. She still got a top grade in my book. My immediate Supervisor, Janella was extremely patient and supportive. There were only 3 guys in the department, the rest were ladies. That is not a bad thing in my opinion. The pay probably could have been better but I took the place of a guy who was promoted, so if you were qualified, you had the opportunity to better yourself. I have kept in touch with a few people and I understand that now the landscape has changed, with layoffs etc. Things are certainly tough all over. I often think back to my time there and those are happy thoughts. I hope when the economy rebounds, they will follow suit. Good Luck Harris!
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