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From Las Vegas, NV — 03/12/2010

My husband and I worked at Harrah's for 8 years. Then all of the sudden, my husband got dropped from full time to on call with no hours. They brought in a Kaisen/5S/Lean team, called it all of those different names to try to trick everyone into what it really was which was a team designed to cut down all expenses, meaning JOBS! They held classes, got everyone involved and said it was to organize the hotel and eliminate waste, then had all the people in the different classes timing other departments to see how long things took them (example: 4 minutes to check someone in) then they used that information to cut thousands of jobs! When they cut my husband's hours they expected him to just wait around and not get another job because they said if he didn't come in when they called him they'd fire him. So we waited and waited and they never called, then he couldn't come in when they wanted him to after months of not calling and they sent us a letter threatening to fire him for job abandonment! I got a promotion, then they told me they couldn't promote me any further because my husband worked there, even though he worked in another unrelated department and lots of other people's spouses worked in the hotel who were managers, not to mention everyone in that place is openly sleeping with eachother, it's crazy! We ended up losing our house over their games with my husband's job. They even tried to convince me that they'd promote me further if I got my husband to quit or move to one of the other hotels, but then I'd have to start at the bottom of whatever job they gave me and I knew I wouldn't have any job security that way so I just quit and moved out of state. Times are hard right now and there is no job stability anywhere especially the casinos, so beware!
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