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From Amarillo, TX — 05/25/2010

Happy State Bank seems like a great place to work at first. However, after a few month I quickly saw blatent sexual harassment, horrible security practices, incompetent management, and unethical "officers". The internal security practices at the bank are weak at best, and the "good old boy" network is alive and well at HSB. Many in the community support the bank because the CEO (Pat Hickman) pretends to be a good Christian, paying for things like "He is Risen" stickers to the local paper on Easter. However, behind closed doors at the stockholder meeting he proudly boasted that he would "foreclose on your house on Christmas day." These are bad people that have a lot of folks fooled - you'll only get ahead at HSB if you are two faced, not afraid to stab other people in the back, and not afraid to kiss alot of @ss on the way up the ladder.
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