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From Alpharetta, ga — 11/04/2008

After seeing many of the posts here I feel the need to comment on my former employer. Granted that GE Money does work their managers to near exhaustion (60 hr work weeks are not uncommon) the people working there for the most part were competent and wanted to succeed.

The issues noted in the posts regarding abesenteeism, YES you will be counseled if you miss 3 days in the first 6 months of being on the job; this is not only as practice at ge money but any other major corporation that you work in.

The big issue for me is that as the business grew the more difficult it became to get everyone to play nice in the sandbox, Corporate politics and slow moving decision making crept into daily operations making the environment difficult to reach tougher goals. The landscape of the senior leadership team changed dramatically with many looking out only for themselves. They decided to go into the sub prime lending arena out of pure greed, leave the company right before the collapse resulting in the several thousand people laid off including me.
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