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From Philadelphia, PA — 10/19/2010

Working at Game Stop wasn't as bad as some people put it, but was a lot worse than others would have you believe. I remained a Game Adviser (my own decision) for the time I worked at the company and have seen two/three managers and countless employees come and go. There really is no job security when you look at it like that. If your 'numbers' aren't up to par, you really don't get anything in the way of hours. If you don't get enough hours, you don't really have enough of a chance or enough incentive to get your numbers back up to par. Its a vicious cycle. If the managers or DMs really wanted to find something to fire you on, they could. I remember one occasion where I was blamed totally for something that was equally 2-3 people's fault, because the other two people were more senior than I was. Maybe they had something to lose, I don't know.

The whole thing about being discriminated against for being a girl is not really that big a deal. I felt that females (Customers and employees) would generally treat me worse than the guys, to be honest. Maybe they felt like they had more to prove? I don't know.

The pay was sort of crappy, but that's any job these days. If the hours weren't so bad I may have considered staying, because I did genuinely like some of the people I worked with. Another thing is the scheduling: you sometimes don't know your schedule for one week until the Saturday (Last day of the previous week) or even Sunday (First day of the new schedule) before. It leads to conflicting scheduling, but its usually okay so long as you get the days you're requesting off in with enough time to spare. However, since obtaining a job where my schedule is the same every week, I'd never go back to being on a variable schedule

In conclusion: The job's an okay first job, but I wouldn't depend on it for anything but that.
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