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From Dublin, OH — 12/29/2009

This is the most poorly managed office that I have ever worked for. You are required to give your life to this company. When they interview you they go on and on about how you only have to work 35 hours a week but you really work 70+ hours to stay on top of your work load. Good employees sacrifice their families to keep their jobs. You either spend your life in the office or at home on your PC. Oh and the office gossips were by far the worst. These Aholes watch your facebook or myspace then and make snide comments on your page, then smile in your face at work. Dare you have a life outside of that place because they will find out and give you another account to manage. The clients are the worst because this company promises the world and the employees suffer to keep up. I was a star employee for years but I finally gave up and threw in the towel because I wanted to have a family. And and management...fat drunk women who seriously pride themselves on being bit*ches. -There is one who doesn't wear panties and several people had seen her "who-ha", believe me that this is one gross hag. There were three people who had nervous breakdowns while I worked there and everyone laughed about it. What a horrible group of people who laugh while someones mental health goes down the drain. And if you dare leave for more than three days you will surely come back to a write up for some tiny little thing that you missed while you were breaking your back working in a frenzy to CYA! I haven't worked at this joke of an office for approx six months and I still have nightmares about the place. I do everthing in my power to avoid talking to anyone there except for a few others how were truly good people that are just caught up in this web of nasty. IF YOU VALUE YOUR FAMILY OR MENTAL HEALTH THEN DO NOT BE LURED INTO THE PLACE.
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