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From Sherwood Arkansas — 02/28/2009

Pay started at 9.00 per hour. Not bad for what you have to do. They have a program where you can make 1,2,or 3.00 more per hour. But after you get the details, this is paid in the form of a bonus the month after(if you are there that long). You are rated each day you work in various areas(sales amounts, convert customer service calls to sales, length of time on calls). After you finnish a customer service call, you are required to make notes on what happened(good idea) so in the event the customer calls back, you would be update on what all had happened up to that point. No problem BUT, you have to put your phone in a mode while you type this stuff in. In the event you take over 2 minutes or so, they call you & ask what is the problem. Sometimes I had to do follow up calls after talking with the customer or send the customer an email etc. So when I am called, it interupts my thoughts, then it adds a few seconds onto my time.
Order taking..they want you to complete an order in less than 7 minutes. Well, the customers usually dont know what they want. You may have to make a call to find out additional information, the customer wants to pull up the product on their PC(You are waiting), then they see something else they like better, so you kill what you got going, get the order in, and the total is MUCH more than the customer expected. They dont realize that a lot of flowers come from a grower and are FEDEXed to them. So you explain that FEDEX dont pickup on Sunday, so they cant get it on Monday. The low-end products sell out faster than the other things, so they get mad, have to have you find them something else, explain choosing a florist item has beneifits and that using FTD does have its benefits. There is a lot of discussion between you and the customer so the 7 minutes turns into more like 30 minutes. There were advertisements for flowers for 19.99 for Valentines Day, but that dont include FEDEX or tax. The FEDEX fee for Saturday delivery was around $35.00 so that 19.99 is now over 55.00.
They hired a lot of people for "Seasonal Full Time". I only got 40 hours only 1 week that I was there. They give you 2 breaks and one 30minute lunch, by the time you go to bathroom and get out of the building, you only have 20 minutes left of your lunch. You better allow 5 to get back to your desk. So you have 15 minutes. So you don't get to wind down while at lunch. I dreaded going in at this job SO bad, but once I got there, the time goes by VERY fast.
The supervisors are really helpful and will answer any questions you have and were very nice. But when are you going to have time to ask? Your phone does not allow you to "answer" it. It automatically answers, so if you are on a call with a customer and their line drops, guess what? You lost a sale, you made your time longer, you have to document it and make this new caller wait.(IF you even realize it is a diferent caller). A customer can call in, place and order, then they want to pay by cash, you lost that sale and time. You deal with a lot of MAD customers. They order flowers to be delivered to someone who lives up North, UPS or FEDEX leaves it on the porch, it freezes. The receiver wasnt looking for it so it might lay there a few days. It might be a gated community where a florist can not get into it. There are many problems with deliveries. Funerals had special circumstances, while taking an order, they order a NON-funeral product(cheaper). Then they allow the florist to substitute, not a good idea. They might get something inappropriate. So when taking orders, if you try to do a good job and explain things to the customer to help them make the best choice, it hurts you on your time.
They schedule lunches and breaks where you dont see another worker where you can compare notes and learn from each other. If you need help while on the phone with a customer, you have to call their support line, you may have to wait 5-10 minutes to get someone, this hurts your time. To make your grade higher, you would have to be extremely lucky a lot.Since they hire so many people that are seasonal, it would be hard to stay after the holiday. I think if you go back at the next holiday, you may have better chances. There are no benifits for seasonal workers, not even direct deposit.
I had no trouble getting paid for the time I worked, but they want you to clock in no more than 4 minutes before your start time. So I would get there 20 minutes early, find an empty desk(you dont have the same one each time). Locate your headset. Start the programs you will need(clocking in, customer service). Then I would call for help about any questions I had from the day before. When else would I do this? They say"we dont see you have clocked into the phone yet. Well no, it would count against me on my time. I am trying to learn this stuff on my own time with no pay for it. The work enviroment was comfortable, but what if you HAVE to go to the bathroom & it isnt your break time, what code do you put on your phone then?
If someone calls about a problem, U are supposed to read the notes(good idea) but sometimes there are so many notes, you spend 5 minutes reading. That hurts your score.
They do have good products and have guarentees. They really work for their fee. Say if you ordered something for a funeral, the 1st florist has a problem & cant do it, someone from FTD then gets busy trying to find another florist that can do it and sometimes pays more money out of their pocket just so the customer can get what they wanted. If a customer does not allowSubstition and all the florists in area are out of a certain vase, FTD tries to call the customer. Many dont answer their phone. Some people dont know addresses to places, FTD can get them, they really go out to get their customers the product they order. It seems like if just a few things were changed, it would be a great place to work. I was eagar to learn more about flowers but got laid off.I will only go back if I have no Job
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