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From Ancaster, ON — 02/20/2008

Pay is what you would expect at a grocery store. Having the union does help because everything is spelled out, and management tries not to have problems with the union. But the union is filled with duffers who grab hours for their own relatives.

Workers are treated ok, even though all of the new people are forced to work Sundays. There is less "bumping" than in other unionized places. Most of the problems are caused by the union stewards who are all nepotists. Union president has never stood for election, and neither have the stewards ever been elected. The store went on strike, and we ended up with less than the company had initially offered, and we were stuck with mandatory Sundays, church or no church.

There is no chance of promotion because management are all family relatives. Some managers are pathetic, but because they are relatives, nothing is ever done. One manager was a pretty good people person, but was useless at setting priorities or organizing anything. His wife worked for one of the suppliers, so we were always stuck with twenty skids of melted chocolate bars in the stock room. Another manager had trouble keeping his man unit in his pants during the word day. Another manager was a fat cow who used to spend the whole days sitting in the smoking room choking down danishes while yelling at her staff over the phone. One manager was pretty professional at holding her counter in place, just in case an earthquake occurred and it toppled over. I never once seen her do any work, but she did chat up all of the lesbians that shopped in her granola department.

The cashiers are usually rude to staff and customers, but they kept out of everyones way. The front end managers are all bitches who were always trying to stir up a crisis with the staff.

Night crew got blamed for everything. Management started ragging on the crew for their productivity and cutting hours like madness.

Head office people were all hired because of nepotism, and pretty much all of them were terribly stupid people. They did not come to the store too often though, probably because of the big bowl of bonbons on their desk that they would spend the day eating instead of doing any work. The less work they did, the better the situation was in the store.

But since there was a union, I found that I could just hang out in my own department and watch the world go by. I did my fair share of work, but if there was a disaster somewhere else, that was someone else's problem. Location was excellent, a five minute drive with little traffic. Coworkers varies, some good, some terrible. But because we all had job descriptions, I could care less if someone was making love to a doberman because that would be their problem.

A much better place to work at than Sobey's or Wal-Mart, though the attitude in the store has declined considerably over the years. Oh, and don't buy the cheese at the cheese counter because is probably repacked old rottenness that will make you very sick or perhaps kill you.
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