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From Dublin, Ohio — 04/03/2008

I worked at Forever 21 as a high schooler. I started out at $7.00 at the age of 16 which was, at the time, 1.85 over minimum wage. You get reviewed every six months (usually a little later than that with busy management) and your pay goes up about 50 cents an hour if you do really well. I loved working there as a teen girl because I met other girls in the area. They became some of my closest friends since I worked there about 20 hours a week during the school year, and we were pretty free to socialize. The discount BLOWS at 10% and 0% on sale items, but I always told people my incentive for working there was that I got to see all the clothes before they came out because they only receive such a small amount of each piece. My store was a normal size one, not an XXI, which made it a good environment. It was better to work at a smaller one because there's less stress, it's cleaner, and the store is way easier to shop. Plus customers aren't always so cranky about the waits and the mess...but people have to understand how hard it is to know where every item goes. Our girls never got catty, but because everyone is around the same age and same mindset, favoritism exists. You also can get very close with your managers which can be different than other stores. Overall, I loved my two years at Forever 21. There was always something going on with one of the girls to keep it interesting. We also threw big work parties which were always a blast!

It was nice working in a mall because on breaks there's always a place to eat. I also liked having the opportunity to be right at a shopping location after/before work. My co-workers were all high school and college aged, so we were pretty even. Career Growth can happen - we have Head Casher, Assistant Manager, Co-Manager, and Store Manager, but it definitely takes time. Scheduling and missing days was never an issue and you pick the amount of hours you'd like to work up to. They never lay people off...but you will get fired if you're grumpy and never come in! Most customers, especially mothers, don't respect you because of F21's weird return policy. They seem to think you made the return policy and that it's your fault their daughter can't return her $10 top. Other customers really appreciate your opinion when it comes to clothes and styling, so that can be nice.
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