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From Berkeley, CA — 06/26/2010

Fetch! Pet Care franchise ownership
Be very cautious before you get engaged with the purchase of a Fetch! Pet Care franchise. They are experiencing a lot of problems due to compliance issues with each individual state labor law. In my experience the current Fetch! franchise owners tend to be extremely responsible, caring and animal-dedicated individuals. It's the corporate office you need to be cautious of.
The sales numbers they "projected" tended to be grossly inflated from the actual numbers of franchise owners we spoke with. Working with pets seems like such a wonderful way to make a living; however, please, help yourself by going through a thorough due diligence process. Learning your state labor laws, the cost of insurance (liability, damage, workers comp., unemployment, etc., etc., etc.) the increasing franchise fees each year you're in business, the difficulty of finding/retaining quality Pet Sitters, the number of fixed monthly expenses, and understanding the massive responsibility/stress of caring for people's homes and dearly beloved pets.
As any small business owner will tell you, all of the "small" monthly expenditures/taxes that you don't always figure, really eat into your margin and make it difficult to be profitable.
If you don't think the economy is having a significant effect on the number of people wanting to pay a premium price for pet care, you're wrong. Not to mention the significantly reduced number of people actually needing pet care because they can afford to go away! Understandably, when people do travel, they are going out of their way to find less expensive alternative arrangements (family, friends or even the dreaded kennel).

Working with animals can be very enjoyable, it's the experience working with this franchise that is so disappointing.
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