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Learn what employees have to say about Fetch Logistics pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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From Amherst, NY — 04/09/2008

Smaller company, around 50 employees. One of ten thousand other freight brokers in the US. Health benifits after 3 months are okay unless you have a family or are sick. Health costs are skyrocketing in the US, yet the company expects you to pay the increase, meanwhile they pay the same. Vacations and time off are reasonable and fair; there is always other employees to cover your shift. Work eight hours plus an hour unpaid lunch. Monday through Friday job: the place is open 7AM-5:30ish PM. You must take lunch at the time the company schedules. There is a 401K after a year and the company matches up to 4%. The type of work is freight brokerage, and you will definitly get hired if you had prior experience. If you are unfamilar with this type of work, you are basically on a phone calling carriers (trucking companies) all day in front of a computer. Not too bad, but it can get hectic with inbound and outbound calls. The worst part is that you have to deal with lies, outright bulls***, and Fetch expects(implicitly expects) you to lie as well. At the same time your are expected to build "relationships" with carriers, but it is kinda hard when you had to lie to them and they do the same to you. The best type of people at this job are salesmen, aggressive, and outgoing personalites. If you have a conscience and hate taking advantage of people (or being taken advantage of), this job is not for you. Very competitive industry. The owners are nice and usually there everyday. The middle manager (VP operations), is a pain in the butt to work for IMHO. Expect him to ride your butt about some little after you have been slaveing all day. Pay is good for area, plus commission. Expect to make between 30K - 40K. You can make even more, but you have to be really really good.
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