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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the ratings work?

Ratings for each review are based on a 5-point scale (1-5) and represent the average of the reviewers' ratings for each of the detailed ratings categories, including pay, job security, career growth, etc.

Are there review guidelines?

Contributors must follow a few guidelines:

  • Be truthful based on your own personal experiences.
  • Contribute only one review per company (per 12-month period).
  • Don't personally attack anyone (by name, initials, or title).
  • Don't be obscene, violent or hateful.
  • Don't go off topic or post spam.
  • Don't use ALL CAPS.

Reviews that do not follow these guidelines will be removed. We may change our guidelines at any time.

Why are you not accepting new reviews?

We are currently working on improving our site, including simplifying our ratings system and carefully reviewing content based upon our guidelines. Due to these changes, we have closed the site to new review submissions.

Are reviews anonymous?

Reviews are posted anonymously, but all users are also responsible for preserving their anonymity by not including any identifying information.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you may request a password reset by providing the email used when creating your account.

How can I get a post removed?

If you think a review or comment is outside the guidelines outlined above (simply disagreeing with a post is typically not enough) and should be removed, please let us know. Simply email or click the "Flag this Review" link beneath the post and explain why it should be removed. From there we'll look into the issue and respond as needed using the email provided with your take-down request.

Note: We reserve the right, without obligation, to voluntarily remove any posts that we find objectionable, block users, or take any other actions we feel are necessary to protect you, the community, and Jobitorial.

Can I remove my own post?

If you want to remove your own review, simply email or click the "Flag this Review" beneath your post and explain why you would like it removed. We'll verify that the email address associated with your post is the same as that of the take-down request and then we'll remove the post for you.

What happened to my post?

We are currently working on improving Jobitorial which includes carefully reviewing all posts submitted to date to ensure they fall within our guidelines. Your post may not be available until it has been reviewed by a member of the Jobitorial team.

Why can't I post or see any comments?

Our site is currently undergoing several modifications and improvements and while these are underway, we have closed and removed all comments.

Does Jobitorial create or edit posts?

No. All posts are exclusively created by our users. We do not create, contribute to or edit the substance, meaning or content of any posts, but we may choose to remove posts based upon our guidelines or remove content that we otherwise find objectionable. We may also limit the length, or change formatting or styles at any time.

Can I find out information about other posters?

We typically do not give up information about our users, especially if they stay within our guidelines, so please do not make us. Jobitorial will act as required by law or we may choose to use or disclose information if we believe in good faith it is reasonably necessary to protect Jobitorial or others.

Who manages this site?

This site is operated by Arlington Development, LLC. Contact us at

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