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Working at Family Christian Store — Reviews by Employees

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Reviews of Jobs at Family Christian Store

3.8Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Woodstock — 05/12/2010

The pay is low, but the enviroment is fun and it is nice to work somewhere where I can be open about my faith. The big problem I have is with corporate. We are forced to "sell" so many different things and it is frustrating. If we make our sales goals we get a pat on the back, if we miss them we get written up. Seems a little lopsided, make your goals or ELSE. I love World Vision and what it stands for, but I feel like the company is pushing us to "sell" children instead of truelly showing people the difference they can make for a child in need. The store I work in is not perfect, but it is nice and I enjoy it. I just wish there was not so much pressure to sell, sell, sell. Moving up is not really a huge option unless you want to be a manager, which I don't, so I don't see a ladder to climb up myself.
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