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From Baltimore, MD — 09/05/2008

This company is a pleasure to work for!
It may be that I appreciate it so much because of the horrible environment of my last job, but I love working here.
The administrative staff is incredibly talented and they appreciate everything you do. You are praised when things are done well and supported when things are not going so well. Co workers are knowledgeable and know what teamwork is.
The tech support is the best I have worked with.
Most employees work from home which makes the location superb. Any projects you work on are set with a reasonable deadline so you don't feel you have to give your life to them.
The salary is not as much as others might pay, but it is such a pleasure to work for them it doesn't really matter. (I should mention this is just a second job for me. I could not make a living here.)
One of the drawbacks are that they will limit your hours to keep you part-time, but that seems to be the norm these days.
One problem with the company is the way teachers are handled.
Although the planning, lessons and tests are all prepared and graded for you, they load you up with more than one student at a time, making dividing your time difficult. Two students is not bad, but when they hand you three students to manage online at one time, each in a different "room" it is not fun anymore.
The teachers are not paid well. They can make much more per hour teaching locally, but evidently many think it is worth it because they get to work from home and as mentioned before, their lessons are all planned.
Another drawback for teachers which is unfortunately unavoidable is that they must schedule their available hours months in advance and have a limited number of vacation days. They do offer benefits, but only if you work a minimum number of hours a year, which is difficult with school vacations affecting the number of sessions.
In summary, it is a pleasure to work for Educate Online. There are some drawbacks, but there are many more advantages.
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