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From Denver, CO — 01/13/2010

First, we've adopted new philosophies which do NOT work with this particular company's typical release. Senior leadership has taken it upon themselves to implement this philosphy without fully understanding why it wouldn't work or would work. So as a result, everyone is beside themselves trying to appease management which is a waste of time because the new management they've brought in, are nothing more political glad handers who really do not necessarily care about their employees, but rather, their own reputation. For some reason, managers have forgotten the golden rule. Take care of your employees, and they'll take care of you. The pay is below industry average, (despite whatever lipservice your manager or HR gives you) which as I've seen with the reviews of Pearson Education are the same. We are now owned by Pearson. A very quiet survey at eCollege was done last year and it was noted that among the 47 people polled, only 6 of them enjoyed working in this newly created environment. Those 6 employees also noted that they took pay cuts to work here. None of those surveyed were managers. It is noted that mid level management is the biggest problem with this particular company. The HR department, while aesthetically appealing, has no real purpose other than to spread misinformation. They would be more effective if they actually researched some of the information and questions presented to them. So overall, the soft benefits WERE nice here. They at least made up for the lack of pay they give you. But now that work environment has changed and has become more intolerant and stressful and far less creative. As a result, there is a quiet dissention among the old and new employees. It has been said that eCollege is considerably lucky that there is a job recession, if there were not, there would almost certainly be a "mass exit" of people looking for better positions outside of this company.
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