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Job Security3
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Work Environment5

From Fairland, IN — 08/26/2008

Small office, 6 months to health insurance that you pay for yourself for the most part. Very boring, the bosses are greedy, self centered, loud, rude to the employees. The monitor everything, and I do mean everything! They have a camera on me at all times, she sits at her desk and monitors everything I do on my computer. They have devices to track everywhere their employees go. I don't get any breaks, nor am I left to take my full lunch most of the time. If I do take lunch with them I am forced to pray with them. She doesn't care about anyone but her family. Today I told them I did not have enough gas to get to the next exit on the interstate to get gas and the only comment I got was "well I've never ran out of gas". There was no offer to follow me or anything to be sure I would be okay. Not to mention they had gas in the shop they could have sold me 1 gallon, I would have gladly paid for it. Instead I sit on the interstate, out of gas and waited while a complete stranger helped me. He does say "good morning, how are you", but she does not ever ask how I am or even try to be remotely friendly. It is such a small small place and most of the time only she and I are in the office, and she would go all day and not speak to me, except to question me about an order. It is boring, difficult and I leave everyday with a headache. I understand from the other employees who are out on job sites that they have had a very tough time keeping an office employee. I can certainly understand why! Now before you judge me and assume I'm young with little experience. Let me say that I am almost 50 yrs old, with 5 adult children, a college education and have a great deal of experience. So if you are considering going to work for this company expect to be treated unfairly, rudely and yelled at a lot!! They are both very very demanding and stiff. I would think twice before I excepted a position with them. I am trying to locate another job but so far have been unsuccessful.
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