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From Poughkeepsie, NY — 10/26/2009

I worked here while I was in high school as a hostess making $7.15 an hour. It was an OK first job. I found rolling silver before and after every shift and not getting paid for it sometimes was a bit annoying. Especially since I sucked at rolling. I also hated how they would make me wait tables when they were busy since I clearly sucked and when I'd explain to customers that "I'm just a hostess, I'm sorry I have to bring your meals without a tray," they were always so rude. Plus, I'd have to also do my job of hostessing while simultaneously waiting on people and doing take out.

Ultimately, it could have been way worse. A lot of the employees were very disgruntled working there. Many where fired while I was there. A cook died once and we closed the diner for the night. One perk of working there was that I got as much soda and ice cream shakes I wanted for free, but I always made them myself... I didn't trust anyone else to make them!

Lastly, I really do not recommend anyone ever eat there. The floor was disgusting. The food was disgusting. The cooks, grossly underpaid and overworked. People would drop things on the floor and put them back on plates. The salad comes out of a trash bag. All of the food is precooked and sits for hours. Various health code violations are surely present. The bathrooms are disgusting. Frequently without hand soap or paper towels.

So that's my two cents about working at Denny's.
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