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From Cincinnati, Ohio — 04/10/2010

I work on a Govt. contract in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am currently a hourly paid Sgt. on dayshift. Our guards make great money. They did go this past year without insurance, but this was mostly due to a new Union starting(officers vote) with the new contract. As of April 1, 2010 our officers will receive a 6% raise AND will begin getting their $3.84 per hour H&W paid to them along with a .15 per hour uniform allowance. This is the second 6% raise in 2 years our officers have received. I see alot of people complaining about not receiving yearly raises. I have been on contract for almost 9 years and have gotten a raise every year except for 1. If you are union, the raises and H&W and all of those issues are are to be negotiated by the union president. The H&W money from the past year was rolled into the officers individual 401K plans that are held through the union since the were not given insurance or being paid out hourly. I though that was fair. Deco took over our contract in April of 2009 and I have had no problems with them to date. One thing that is great for my contract is that we have a great contract manager. If something is not right, he sees that it is taken care of.
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