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Job Security3
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From fort wayne, in — 08/05/2010

I worked for Debrand 08-04-2004 til 03/05/2005, the company was a VERY good company to work for it was a relaxing stress free environment, no one fought or talked dirty about anyone well except for the owners and office staff, i actually lost 20 lbs working there eating the yummy chocolates! if they werent so expensive i would include them into my diet plan!. we used to have a carry in every pay period. at the time i was a college student i thougth the pay was the best ever $8.50/hr and the hrs were perfect 7am-3pm or 1pm-9pm.
the supervisors came off as holier than thou, i had one supervisor by the name of charlene would watch my work and tell me that im doing a great job when i wasnt there was another supervisor who turned her nose up at everybody and act like she cant be touched because she was the owners cousin or something. they hired some guy who told them that they were losing alot of money and things went downhill from there, i truely believe that the guy ripped them off, they had a big candy machine that broke down all the time. there were threats of replacing all of us with a line machine, the handyman they had wasnt soo handy, tensions ran high one day i came in and made a comment about how i didnt like to make the turtle candy...then all of a sudden the supervisor i believe her name was susie dragged me into her office and fired me but before she fired me she stood there and insulted me for 20 mins. in the beginning the company was a great place to work for! now i heard its a nightmare...after i left they made everyone sign something saying that they will take a pay cut 7.00/hr!...they did me a favor i guess, but i sure do miss the chocolate
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