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From Velizy — 02/08/2009

This review is about Dassault Systemes Anerican Branch but soem remarks are applicable in general as DS is also present in the rest of the world.

This is a good company to work for but the issue is with the money, in particular in the United States. Sub part salaries, small or non-existent bonuses, the salaries are dragging behind all the others high tech companies of the same Kind : MS, Google , etc.

The level of coworkers is average-low, very different with the Headquarters in France which has many PHDS and Masters. Here in USA, most the of people have low level colleges degrees, or average Bachelors in Math or Computer Sciences. Salary is certainly the problem to attrach or retain those with higher financial ambitions.

In the USA, there are multiple labs , Charlotte (recently closed), Providence , Boston , Detroit, and Los-Angeles for the main ones. Quality of Work Environment is poor to very poor , 1970s look. Hardware is good to very good and lots of attention are carried to upgrade constantly. There are no benefits on-site such as cafeteria, buses, fitness centers...a poor env simply providing strict necessity.

The company strategy (here we talk about global strategy) is robust, though often changing, workers seem lost most of the time, in particular the newcomers. R&D is more stable, and services seem to have higher turnover.

In conclusion, a good company that is not redistributing wealth how it should be,leading to weak Salaries and poor environment.
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