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From Dallas, Texas — 11/14/2009

Working for Dallas County was OK.

The pay scale is alright, if you're experienced.

I left after 3 years. Couldn't stand my overbearing, thinks-she's-better-than-everyone-else
bitch of a boss (Cathy Causey Self, SWIFS / DCME)) one minute longer. This bitch loves to yell at & imtimidate employees in front of the entire staff. She doesn't speak English like a normal person either (I.E.: You ask her for the time; she will tell you how to make a watch). She even asked the former Quality Manager to spy on employees & alter Federal Government reports, when he refused; she ran him off.
The employee turn-over rate is through the roof.

Ahmed Ali is a practicing Muslim; who treats the women in the office like dirt. He does nothing all day, but drink his nasty tea & nap (have actually seen him).

Ellen Christopher, the transcriptionist lead is just plain nasty. She stinks to high heaven. Treats her fellow
workers like dirt. Talks to the ME's & Fellows like their stupid.

Melinda High, Exec. Secretary is a stuck-up, disorganized bitch.

The training is horrendous (SWIFS / DCME). You are basically just given a manual for the
computer & told to get to work.

The only 2 Divisions that actually provided me with good training was the DA;s Checks & Juvenile
Divisions. The people in those 2 Divisions are very nice.

Oh & another thing, John Wiley Price needs to run out of office. I witnessed him verbally abuse (cuss-out)
a Juvenile Division administrator over furniture that had been moved around in his office. He did this out in the open where everyone, workers & visitors, could hear him.
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