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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment3

From Wisconsin — 08/10/2010

Centurytel sucks. After they buy out your company they will promise all sorts of good things but after all the dust settles and they are in firm control then the layoffs start. If you are hourly they will try and find a way to make you salary to work 60 hours a week minimum. They offer no help and have nothing but uneducated brown nose managers representing you who will not listen to the work loads being assigned. There is no chain of command because your comments go nowhere. Yet these unskilled mangers who have never done your job dictate to you about how long it should take to do it. I have worked for the old Mountain Bell comapines and GTE companies and Pacific Toelcom companies before and fing Centuyrtel the worst to come along. They get big by laying off employees, overworking the survivors, and making rich the CEO's in charge. Just look at when Glenn Post sells his stock. It's always at a high time and he keeps getting richer. This is an example of the rich keep getting richer while screwing the working class. They get away with this because there is no other service in town in most of their areas. They hose over the rural areas.
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