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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Hyderabad — 02/12/2010

PROS: I am working in the technology team here. They mainly develop applications for the production teams, i.e grunts, I imagine that the world view there will be significantly different. However as our exposure to them is highly limited, I can't comment.

Communication barriers are super low, you can approach anyone with any problem, true teamwork at play.

Politics is practically non-existent.

The work environment is highly laid back as there is minimal pressure from higher ups.

It is a great place for a first job. Ideal for freshers, the transition from college to work place is painless.

A real sense of commitment is common in all employees.

However as im relatively new here, a lot remains to be seen.

Flexible work hours, no punch in overtime pressure at all, worklife balance is good.

And now that they are shifting to an awesome campus in Hi-Tech city it is better.

CONS: Guys in NY are a little heavy handed in allowing innovation.
A slight regionalistic bent exists. A slightly insular environment, and employee base is not as diverse as it could be.
Sometimes one might feel left out just due to the language barrier.
Compensation is adequate by Indian IT standards, but could be more.
Too traditional in some respects.

ADVICE TO MANAGEMENT: Continue what you are doing, encourage diversity in the work place.
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