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From Ottawa — 09/13/2007

As many Gov't agencies go through transitions (we're all slaves to our political masters) jobs get eliminated (through attrition) and the files pile up. More work, fewer experienced people, equals poor performance (things get done half assed), but it's not our fault. Priorities change on a whim and months of work can go flying out the window (along with the money that funded it). Managers are usually good with plenty of real life background. Middle and upper management (directors and directors general) are mostly from the managerial development programs and have no operational experience. They are true functionaries that only know how to perpetuate the paperwork carosel's (sp). Non of them can make a decision and stand behind it because they don't have the experience or training to do so effectively. You pretty much have to go beg your DG for money to buy a pen and paper. Sick.

The good thing for someone who's been in the gov't as long as I have is the benefits, paid sick leave, paid holidays, good medical benefits (but could be better) and a pretty good pension plan. This may not hold true for theyounger generations joining up. They'll be kept on casual status for years (loosing pensionable service years) and shunted from whatever assignment they can find to another. There's no opportunities for seagoing personell to come ashore as the life at sea right now is too good. Not that they're are any jobs ashore anyways. Those dried up years ago.

Unless you're fluently bilingual you have no chance of moving up in the gov't. Those with operational experience are treated as second class trailer (boat) trash and frounded upon by the management trainee elite. Employment equity is fine if people actually merit the job. Some play the minority card to the hilt to get bumped up the line without any real experience or true merit. We see it happen all the time.

The work environment pretty much suks. The old building is horrible. I think they forget to pay the elevator bill and they cut us down to 1 or 2 elevators near the end of the month! *lol*

Overall I sometimes wish I had stayed at sea.
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