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From Fishers — 06/21/2008

First off, Calltech (Teleperformance) has been very good to me. I am a handicapped individual who also is very near retirement. Because my job skills became obsolete, I had to take this job. I work mostly with younger people who probably have not had a college education. My last boss was young enough to be my granddaughter. The biggest beef that I have is that we are supposed to put our customers first, yet management continually shout announcements over the floor, come up to you and ask you questions while you are talking to the customer, and sometimes even yell out to their team that the following is very important, and you have no idea what was said because you were trying to hear your customer and help him or her over all the hubbub. They had their "Deal or No Deal" drawing about 10 feet away from my desk Thursday. I could hardly hear myself talking.

The pay is a little below average. However, it is a darn sight better than at a fast-food restaurant or Walmart or Target. They do not offer three days paid sick leave any more, because too many people took advantage of it.

The supervisors are almost all kids half my age, some of whom don't show the maturity requisite in a supervisor. The people and management are friendly and helpful for the most part.

As far as career potential. It seems that if you are young and quick, you will get the promotion. If not, well then you are an agent ad infinitum. I do not wish to be a supervisor, and doubt that I would be a good trainer. So I am rather stuck as an agent. The HR person is great, but she seems far too busy and really should get an assistant or something.

Location is wonderful. It is about 2 miles or less from 37.

As far as respect. I have always believed that you EARN respect. You don't get it because of a title. There are about 4 people at Teleperformance in Fishers that I really respect or admire. But others seem to get away with texting on their cell phones while talking to the customer (a terminable offense). And a few of the supervisors seem to flaunt their ability to have a cell phone on the floor. I was in a team meeting once, and the supervisor answered a call on her cell phone and said she would call him/her back in a few minutes! Some agents seem to be able to talk to other agents 2 or three cubicles down or in the next aisle. And our customer is number one. RI----------ght.

Basically, its a good company. But we could do a whole lot better.
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