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Working at California Department of Corrections — Reviews by Employees

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Reviews of Jobs at California Department of Corrections

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From Los Angeles, Califor — 11/15/2007

The California Department of Corrections is a hotbed of Black and Latino racism. Blacks and Latinos are so cut off from accountability that they are thrashing about at random, locked, cocked, and ready to bring "Whitey" down.

It’s astonishing how openly racist they are. Their racism is not just over-the-top, these Black and Brown supremacists wave good-by as they disappear into cuckoo land. Black administrators give contracts to Black agencies that are worthless and collect huge salaries. Contractors then walk around like prima donnas, looking down on others through their snooty noses, and treating Whites like crap. Black administrators collect huge chunks of state money, $100,000 and above yearly, by doing next-to-nothing. They give promotions to incompetent Blacks, despite Whites who work hard for these positions.

Racial grandstanding is abundant and Blacks and Latinos use language like a weapon. Latinos chat each other up in Spanish, excluding others in conversations and meetings. Blacks have their own slang which they use abundantly. It’s amazing to see people in high ranking positions using profanity and slang all the time.

Blacks and Latinos display images of racial power in their offices, such as pictures, symbols, and the like. Cesar Chavez day is an official California holiday. Both groups denigrate Whites in personal conversation. I know these are unionized government employees with little accountability, but there should not be such a double standard when it comes to race.

Racial alliances and conflict are common among prisoners and for corrections employees these alliances are stronger than any sense of duty. Blacks and Latinos give favoritism to inmates and parolees of their own kind. White inmates are screwed over by Black and Latino guards who pursue racist motives. The consequences for White inmates are horrific.

A combustible rage is boiling within this bureaucracy, with Blacks and Latinos at each other’s throats, except when they team up to take on “Whitey,” then it’s a racist pile-on, in which every dirty trick is utilized to take “Whitey” down.
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