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From Seattle, WA — 02/05/2010

I've been searching for jobs recently, and been wishing I had my old job back at Cactus Restaurant on Alki. I moved away because I got married, but if I hadn't been young and made huge life changes, I would have worked there for years no doubt.

A few things about Cactus,

Management: One of the managers is without hesitation, AWESOME. The other, not so much. You can see who is who. It's nice because the owners of the business really have a keen interest on how their restaurants are doing, as well as how the staff is doing, and check in often. Both are really nice guys. I never had a problem respecting any of my management team.

Pay: GREAT. I was an expo there, and never had an issue paying my bills. Very fair tip outs from the waitresses. You work hard and do your job and they don't have a problem tipping out to you. Sometimes even more then required. You suck and slack off, well, I wouldn't want to tip out to you either! Get the picture? The only thing i'd really would have liked was health insurance options..

Work Environment: It was fun. It was like family working there. You better be a bit quirky to fit in and just accept others because that's what they do there. Never had an issue with anyone, loved all the waitstaff and especially the kitchen staff.

All in all, you get respect, fun place to work, sunshine and ocean when they open the garage doors in summer, and very decent tips working there. (Oh yeah, and did I mention how great the food is?????) If you work hard, you will get rewarded. If you suck at your job, you will hate working there because frankly, you won't be able to keep up. It's a busy restaurant and you better be quick on your feet and propelled by jet fuel on Friday and Saturday nights. You pretty much will always start at the bottom when you start working there, but believe me, it's worth it. If I didn't move to Colorado, i'd be reapplying in a heartbeat!
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