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3.8Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Pittsburgh, Pa. — 11/05/2009

I worked there for 15 years. At first it was an awesome place to work who rewarded people for their hardwork and dedication. I was promoted along the way with nice raise's, bonus's and job Titles. Then came Diversity, which was forced upon us for PR reasons which is why they took bailout money from the devil ( The Govt) Promotions stopped for select few and unqualified people were promoted in place of some of us. We had to train people from over sea's to take hundreds of our jobs so that we can be disposed of. All my hard work that I done to get where I did was used against me as my salary was allot higher then my 2 managers above me. This company (Bank of New York Mellon) is now about image and not about being the best, like it used to be when it was Mellon Bank a few years ago.
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3.1Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From Dublin, Ireland — 12/13/2007

My issue is simple - one of THE top men at BNY Mellon in Dublin Ireland - an Irish guy who came from AIB, was THE man at AIB/BNY Ireland and now is a top dog at BNY Mellon Ireland is a racist and a sexist.

Having worked indirectly under him now for a number of years I have seen and heard enough directly and indirectly to be absolutely sure of this (and I have just enough proof to back this up if needed)

So if I were either the powers that be at BNYMELLON head office in the US or a person looking for work in Dublin or Cork (where they are about to shaft a senior person A.T.) my advice is to keep well clear of this employer and person.

They are both bad news and will cause much grief yet.

The top dog will being a load of trouble on you.
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