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Working at Bloomingdales — Reviews by Employees

Learn what employees have to say about Bloomingdales pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

Reviews of Jobs at Bloomingdales

3.9Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Illinois — 09/06/2010

The Oak Brook location has THE most polite managers on Planet Earth. The very best sales people should apply at that store location, because they will just love it it.

Pay is above average for retail (it's luxury selling!), and full-timers get benefits.

Negatives: All black dress code (3 "colors" for blouses if not doing black is limiting; they let you wear white, light blue or cream, and no, I'm not kidding).

Also, managers need to be more up on the meal break laws so they are present to relieve people who are pushing beyond the first 5 hours of a seven and a half hour shift (this is NOT OPTIONAL, but is required under Illinois law).

Other than the dress code and some people not being clued in on some of the labor issues, it really isn't a bad place to bide your time while in school and just needing flexible hours. Full-timers get benefits and are eligible for commission from both the store and vendor (for specialists), and that's on top of your hourly base pay rate. You'll work for the extra, but it's doable.

If you are fabulously professional and love nice managers, you'll love Oak Brook!
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3.2Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From Palm Beach Gardens Fl — 11/08/2009

Overall up till recently personally I was happy with Bloomindales.
I have been with Bloomingdales for over 5 years and have always had
at least an above average annual and semi-annual review.
Bloomingdales has gone to a new review process which they call
This new review process has put many employees into a needs improvement
or unsatisfactory categories .
This has upset many employees .
The upsetting fact for me is that management is using some facts and
figures that haven proven to be inaccurate.
Also I have personally challenged some of these figures and I
have asked for clarification on the "formulas" etc that management
uses to come up with these numbers.
It has been over 3 weeks and have not had a response!!

Please let me know what your store is doing and what
feedback you are getting from your associates in regards to
this new "ADR" employee review process.
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