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From San Francisco — 11/21/2009

Barney's NY opened their San Francisco store almost two years ago. The store is the former FOA Schwartz toy store.
Working at Barney's can be very challenging. Since the recently economic downturn, luxury retailers have been the hardest hit. Also, Barney's is not very well-established in San Francisco and doesn't have a large loyal following of customers such as Saks or Nieman Marcus.
Sales associates are expected to sell. Associates that don't meet their sales goals are fired. Since the store traffic is usually very light, the only way an associate can meet their sales goals is to constantly "clientele." The sales associates that are the most successful usually come to Barney's with a following and a solid book of customers.
The cosmetic department follows the New York store's tradition of having the department on the lower level (basement). Since they are the only store in San Francisco to have cosmetics on the lower level, the customer traffic is very poor in that department. The only way cosmetic associates make their numbers is by constantly contacting their regular clients.
Since Barney's is such a small store, the managers carefully monitor the employees. There are security cameras everywhere. It is not unusual for department managers to ask the security department to track employees whereabouts within the building. One associate was tracked on the number of times he used the restroom!
There is a strict dress code for employees--no jeans, athletic shoes. Employees are expected to dress in a stylish manner.
Lately, Barney's has had a rocky financial road. There constant rumors that the company is being sold. Also, there are constant rumors that the San Francisco location and other under-performing stores will be closed. There were layoffs last year and there have not been contributions to the employees IRA's in the past year.
Working at Barney's NY is like living in New York. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
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