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From Columbus, OH — 04/19/2008

I worked for Babbage Simmel only for a short period of time and it was hands-down the worst employment I have ever had. I had come on board through a corporate merger and so my pay was "decent". I had been offered higher salary for completing tasks which when completed satisfactory were not met with the promised increase. Something that was quite common. The level of respect was far below average. Many of the best workers in the company were often harassed by members of management unnecessarily (the most talented left within the year I was employed). The company employs contractors for a great amount of their work, whom seem to get greater pay and greater respect than those who are full time staffed. The benefits were admittedly weak for a company of it's size. My health care plan was changed (without being informed until a claim was denied) and calls for assistance to the HR department went unanswered. I also learned that the retirement plan's matching had been dropped to save money, but there were no notices sent. Overall, the worst element of this company was it's broken leadership. The upper management consisted of mostly a two-man team. One of which was the business owner, and the other more of a future business explorer. Together they held endless numbers of mandatory meetings in which employees were asked how to improve business but suggestions were never taken seriously. There were often meetings, to decide on other meetings, which would result in ... more meetings. Rarely did any of these meetings result in "action items". If at all possible, steer clear of this company. Full time employment will drive you insane. If you are considering working as a contractor, you had better ask for the money in advance. Just ask around. It's a small world.
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