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Learn what employees have to say about Accudata America pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

Reviews of Jobs at Accudata America

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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Fort Myers — 05/17/2006

Pay: There were some challenges under the previous ownership but since the company has changed hands the new owners realize that the company couldn't survive without appreciating its employees.

Resp: Best way to put it, you get what you deserve. If you are respectful of others then you are typically respected in turn.

Benefits: Like many companies, they could be better and they could be worse. The cost of medical benefits are costly for all companies. It's unfortunate that over the years it has been a small group of employees that have had such a negative impact on the premiums.

Job Security: Similar to pay, if you pull your own weight then things are pretty secure. The company has worked hard to trim the fat from the company and recognize the ones that go the extra mile.

Potential/Growth: It's still a relatively small company so they don't have that many positions for everyone to grow in to. If the growth the company has planned becomes a reality then things will quickly change. They do make a solid effort on working to identify those that are up for the task of additional responsibility and are working to groom them.

Competence: My immediate co-workers are great. We work well as a team and typically have a good time doing it. Like any company though you always have those 1 or 2 employees that make you wonder how they have managed to keep their jobs.

Work Envir: There was a day when it seemed like the employees were moving desks every other week but we seem to have settled in. Some people complain about the cubicle walls, guess they think the movie Office Space has no truth to it.

Overall: The company wants to make AccuData the place to work in the coming years. You've heard about other people that have gotten in at the ground level just before the company has taken off. Well, they should consider this their wakeup call. AccuData has big plans and is positioning themselves to make good on that promise.
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