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From Warrendale, PA — 09/28/2008

The job could have potentialy been a great one. The main problem is the company grows so fast that they never plan for anything adequately. Medco bought the company about 3 years ago ad they have yet to integrate or upgrade Accredo's RX Home software to be compatible witth Medco's systems. Their other problem is training. They will tell you they have comprehensive training that is anything but.. The managers have no idea what the single trainer is doing or has trained trainees on. You are given an hour of training on a task and pushed out onto your own. Then when you stumble upon some issue you are unaware of the process for or you are not even instructed to do a task... if you are not psychic and perform it perfectly... well they will bring it up again over and over at every review you have. It is always your fault no one told you how to do whatever it was. If a manager treats you with disrespect, which happens more often than you'd expect, if you take the issue to another manager, well then it too is your fault! Ive never worked for a company that could talk about team building and then insult me in the same breath. Tearing you down and stomping on your dignity seems to be their MO. I ended up with anxiety attacks and had to quit suddenly. Ive never quit a job by walking out, but they pushed me too far.
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