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From Atlanta, Georgia — 01/10/2007

It amazes me that nothing has been posted about Access to date. It's a company that is in many ways one Bad Faith Suit away from going under. It's amazing how there is such a balance between state of the art technology and a complete lack of understanding in basic handling of claims. I know that the company has had two or three lay offs in the last few years. I think that this has put a bad taste in many people's minds. From what I have heard, the entire situation was handled very poorly. The company has very little respect for the development and advancement of it's employees. Training as to expectations is non existent. Micro-management is the key to everything that the company does and you are held accountable to ambiguous and vague goals and objectives. The company is top heavy in managers (too many chiefs and not enough indians) and the managers that are there merely see the employees as a necessary evil. The work environment is not only stiffling but is often counter productive to a cohesive work environment. I think that this can attribute to why so many people look to leave the company as soon as they can. The benefits are good and match what is offered by other insurance companies but the pay is far below market rate. The way that you're pulled in is that you're sold on the opportunity to grow with a new and emerging company. This may be true but the company has "Tiffany's Taste" and "WalMart Budget." There is a definite bias towards people that have worked at the Hartford as most of the management came from Hartford. The people that did not come from the Harford joke about the company being Harford Omni Jr.
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