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From Vancouver, BC — 08/25/2010

It has been interesting reading these vents. I work in Development and am generally happy with the company. Our group is mostly positive about our jobs and the technology we create. Our management is very good and care about us. We have recent computers, everything we need from the software point of view, and good support in Development. My coworkers are very talented and pleasant to work with. From a pure point of view of working in a development environment, Absolute is great.

What's not great is the blame we take from our bosses (above the VP). At every meeting the CEO says negative things about Development. Our new COO just posted a badly written rant explaining why we don't get bonuses at all this year, and he blames Development for everything. Just unbelievable how these two guys can be so short-sighted and not look around at the reality. Our product is solid and amazing, and we continually improve it. We're working very hard in Development and the guys at the top do not seem to realize or appreciate it at all.

In Development things are really good. Outside Development they are not. Get us some responsible and sensible CEOs and COOs and this will be a perfect company to work for.
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