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Job Security4
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From San Diego, Ca — 06/07/2009

A-link is retailer of Att. They pay minimum wage plus commission but the commission is based on numbers that are very unreasonable so employees end up taking home only a small fraction of what they have sold if anything at all. Employees are lied to, manipulated and taken advantage of from day one and from then on. You are forced to attend meetings and trainings regularly and are expected to know an enormous of amount of information and have perfect customer service, and dress in formal clothes (dress pants and dress-shirt with a tie etc.) all while getting paid like you are working at Burger King. Benefits are scarce and none of the medical or dental offices have ever heard of our insurance yet it costs us a minimum of 100 dollars a month! It's sales so job security is like the wind...comes and goes and is VERY unpredictable. Turnover is very high since employees usually quit within the first few months after getting fed up with the commission set up or even earlier for some who leave as soon as they realize what they have gotten themselves into. It is hard to balance work and life when we receive texts from work 24hrs a day 7 days a week late at night and on our days off. Also the constant meetings and trainings often come on a day of so we end up at work on our days off. Also you cannot call in sick for work...ever. There are only one manager for 9 different locations so scheduling is a nightmare. Also management is disrespectful towards employees and they do not want to do anything to help employees. They tell all employees when they are hired that they are "managers in training" and will be bumped up to manager very quickly because all other coworkers are too incompetant to be a manager but you quickly realize that that is what they have said to those employees too but lied and now employees hate the company and don't want to do anything to help the company because of the lies, the horrible pay, and the lack of potential for the company. Coworkers are all very displeased and have bad attitudes and spend most of the day talking on the phone and surfing the internet because they have no incentive to work with the lack of advancement and pay.
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