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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Edison, NJ — 04/08/2009

Overall nothing different than any other "Job" you make it what you want. You know like "garbage in" "garbage out” Over the years I have seen many come and many go and everyone of the people that have come in talk a good game and are given an opportunity to work here and then when they see that they have to actually work and try to be efficient they get all upset and then everyone is mean and inconsiderate oh yes and nasty. The company has some strict rules but I feel that over the last two years that I have been here they have been fair to me. My supervisor can be hmmmmmmm but when I step back she can be right about a lot. There are two owners (father and son) well let’s just say that they too don't always see eye to eye either. Not much room for growth right now but watch out when this economy turns around I am sure to get that bonus and the raise. Too bad that other girl couldn’t do the job I wonder where she is now. Does she even have a job? Sorry
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