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Job Security4
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From Austin — 12/31/2008

360training is a good example of a successful startup company that is now trying to add processes, people, systems and infrastructure that will enable it to continue to grow. This involves some growing pains, but I feel like the management team has a good grasp over what needs to be done, and is taking the necessary steps and making good investments to build a better organization. It can be challenging for new employees, as well as those who are not used to being managed closely. There was a lot of turnover in the early part of 2008, but it seems to have leveled off now. There is tons of opportunity at this company for self starters, and they are in a number of growing industries that help them balance those that are performing poorly in the struggling economy.
I've worked in small technology startup companies in the past, so perhaps I am more used to working in companies that are more dynamic and fluid that some of my fellow employees. I also appreciate the fact that the company is careful with their investments, and keeps its debt low. Nothing sucks worse than working for a company that lives beyond its means. It always means that the regular joe employees get laid off. We don't have fancy offices and lavish bonuses, but I also don't worry that next week I'll be escorted out of the building because we were spending money on herman miller chairs and massages. I also don't get the feeling that the corporate execs are taking home huge salaries on the backs of the rest of us. Everyone here is very approachable.
The company has a lot of work it front of it to stay competitive in the marketplace, but it is a growing, profitable company that did better in 2008 than 2007. How many companies can you say that about today?
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