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From somewhere — 10/18/2009

Oh my... where to begin?
Well, I started off as an in-store sales person, making $14/hour, and I loved it. I had an experienced, thoughtful manager I will call "Jenny" in this review. The atmosphere was wonderful, and there was lots of room for advancement.
After a year, I was promoted to manager of one of the top stores in the country. I was elated. I worked at that store for 5 years. I poured my heart and soul into that store, and it became my whole life. I was making terrific money - 43k-53k per year, depending on commissions. I was on top of the world. I took that store from the crap hole it was, and made it my baby, and turned it into a beautiful, shiny, money making machine.
Suddenly, everything changed.
The CEO, Jim Buch, had been "forced" to step down when the company was sold to a private investor group. Then my Regional Manager quit, because Jim had left.
Then the big trouble came when the new owners decided to fire all the good, experienced upper management, and replcae them with their personal friends and family members, creating a horrible dictatorship.
Suddenly I was being investigated, along with my ex-manager "Jenny" for stupid inconsiquential things. Suddenly I had a new District manager (who had no experience in our business at all) that I was a bad manager. She said I was a bad manager because I "cared too much about the store" and that I was "controlling" of what went on there. Well, I was caring and controlling, because I poured every ounce of my hard work into it, and I didn't want to see it tore apart.
Well, one day I was told that the new District Manger was conducting "surveys" with my employees in private. (Also "Jenny" 's employees got surveyed)
The surveys came back saying that my employees like me, understand my need to take care of this store, etc., but that they also said that I was too controlling.
So, the new DM told me I was fired, ( and "Jenny" was too) and I had to go work as a shop-at-home consultant, or I could just get out. I was heartbroken, and angry. But just to show them up, I took the demotion. And I was good at it. I stayed there another year, and made good money.
But then, all of a sudden- 180 out of 200 stores nationwide were closed up overnight! Hundreds of people, some of them were my friends, were jobless with no notice. Then they were told they would get severance pay, which they never received. By that time, our reputation as a company was demolished. The competitors slandered us at every turn. It was now impossible to sell anything, because all the customers would say " I heard you went bankrupt and closed your stores". So now I couldnt make a living there anymore. So I finally left and went to a competitor myself!
Since then, 3 Day has emerged from bankruptsy, but the business will never bounce back. All the good employees have jumped ship, and now they are hiring unexperienced, underpaid people. They will tkae anyone thay can get with big promises that never materialize. I feel sorry for anyone that applies there, they are in for a world of dissapointment. I am so glad I left.
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