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Walgreens — California

Just started as an MGT. This company is OK to work as long as everone do their job without bitching and moaning about work. If you are lucky enought to get a store with good and understanding store manager, Mgts and fellow workers, everything will be fine. If store is being run poorly inef... Read More

Harris Teeter — Northern Virginia

I was a produce manager for Harris Teeter. Had to leave a few years back due to relocation for family reasons. If not for that I would still be working there. Upper management sometimes had some unrealistic expectations, but overall, a great place to work. I was guaranteed 46 hours, ve... Read More

IBM — Boulder, Co

Mellow - even when their hair is on fire. The people I work with have been here forever - most 20 plus years. My office mate has been on maternity leave for a year. I think she works one Friday a month. Mellow mellow mellow Read More

Progressive Insurance — jacksonville

I read your reviews with much interest. Lots of rumors that seem to grow legs and never stop running. Did you ever notice that people who complain most are the "poor performers". I work at Progressive and I have also faced potenti8al downsizing in my career. It is not personal.
At t... Read More


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