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Target — Fenton, MI

I worked at Target for a few months while in college. The management was, for the most part, wonderful. They don't hire just any under-achieving moron who's just happened to work in retail for 10 years. They do a lot of promoting within the company. The benefits kind of suck, you get a 10%... Read More

Comcast — New England

First and foremost you all (especially Chelmsford) need to chill out or leave the company. Such negative self serving behavior is not needed here. Comcast is a company that continually promotes from within. If you have been sitting in the same que for years on end well sorry but thatís y... Read More

Progressive Insurance — Mayfield, OH

Been with Progressive over 10 years. Survived the job cuts, but was demmoted significantly because my job was eliminated. The only reason I was kept is because I am a good performer. Progressive is surely in trouble. Only a fool would think otherwise. The rest of the industry has caught up... Read More

AFLAC — Boston

I love the duck and the duck loves me. i have often worked really hard, and my manager is really hard and that's why we fit.

Be a good person, and do what you're told and you will be taken care of by the people who care for you the best. I think my place is great. Sometimes we ... Read More


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