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US Coast Guard — San Francisco, CA

I spent 4 years on the Navy and after being out for two years and seeing the debt rack up from the wife going to law school I quit school and went into the Coast Guard. I went from an E5 in the Navy down to an E3 since I hated my job in the Navy and I didn't want anything to do with bein... Read More

maersk — Madison

I have recently left Maersk after more than 20 years. I was fortunate to start in a management position and feel that I was recognized and promoted for my dedication and hard work. I was relocated with the company several times and while that was difficult, the people at Maersk HR worke... Read More

IBM — Hope Tabonia

I only have two and a half years experience so perhaps I am not the most qualified to know the ins and outs of IBM. With that said I will comment that thus far the experience has been mostly positive.
Pay: Average starting salary with bonus...two raises, although small, and no award... Read More

Cracker Barrel — TN

Wow, I feel like an outsider here. I like my job at cracker barrel. The managers I work with are (generally) respectful and don't pick favorite among the workers. The rules are strict, but if you have any work ethic and your not lazy it's not bad. If you are lazy I recommend you go work ... Read More


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