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Wells Fargo — USA

First of all, I recently made a job change within Wells Fargo, however now I would like to comment on my 4.5 years being a banker in a branch. Being a personal banker is very "service to sales" oriented. Wells has a sales culture that really focuses on the numbers. Some people can't han... Read More

Progressive Insurance — Mayfield Village OH

About the RIF (Reduction in Force) at Progressive on 11/15. I was there. Please read the whole comment.

I understand why Progressive needs to cut costs. Companies must make a profit or they will not survive. Balancing profit with the expense of employing talented people is challen... Read More

Kohl's — Kernersville, NC

The pay is alright, though I know people in retail that make better and get raises more often. I often feel like many in management talk down to me, but those are certain people, so not really Kohl's fault. Decent benefits. I've been there four years or so working temporary through college... Read More

AAA — Dallas

I have been a commissioned sales agent for about 2 years now. I have seen many changes from year to year. Like many have said before this job is difficult but the pay is outstanding I don't have a college degree but I make more than many of my friends who have degrees. Every day it seems l... Read More


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