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I absolutely love my job and the people there! If the pay was better and the location was more central I would definitely stay there, as the prospects are good. Read More

Target — Seattle, WA

The pay isn't great, but guess what? There isn't much out there that's going to start me out at 10 an hour. I get tons of respect from my ETL's and other TM's. I do have to say though, there are some TM's that are quite stupid at times. There's some things that could be done just by us... Read More

Avon — Toronto, ON

Huge Kudo's for Avon,
I have worked for Avon for 3 years.

Let's go to the break down because I know what you are dying to see:

First of all let me point this out:
Avon has their own Manager who is paid BY AVON. unlike our competitor Mary Kay (who onl... Read More

Bath and Body Works — West Virginia

I have worked at BBW since September and I absolutely love it. My managers are super nice and completely respectful of their employees. I have a close relationship with some of mine anyways and we have fun when we work together. Our store is particularly clean, we sweep/mop every night bef... Read More


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