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Walgreens — WA

I used to work at Fred Meyer, and Walgreens is way better!! I get payed the most I've ever been payed. I'm respected because of the hard work I do. I work very hard, so I get a lot of respect! My managers made sure I enrolled in the benefits and helped me choose the plans best for me. I ha... Read More

Teletech — Birmingham, AL

I have been with Teletech for a long time. No matter where you go or what you do, there are going to be likes and dislikes. Different strokes, different folks people. Pay, I can't complain. Respect, is excellent from the managment staff. The benefits are decent. Job security, is decen... Read More

United Healthcare — Golden Valley, MN

I worked for Target and Best Buy Corporation before and this company is by far the best I've ever worked for in terms of work life balancing. Read More

Schwans — Bellows Falls, VT

I have been with Schwans for four years, and overall it is a good job. It's one of those jobs that require much from you, especially in the beginning, so if you don't believe in sacrificing a little up front to gain a lot later, then this job isn't for you. My first year I worked 5 days ... Read More


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