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Old Navy — South Carolina

I'm not too sure about the reason(s) the majority of these comments are negative... this is a retail environment! When working for retail you SHOULD expect to work nights, weekends, and holidays; this is common sense. You SHOULD also expect to be required to push a companies credit card,... Read More

Baker Hughes — Claremore, Ok

I have been a Baker employee for almost 3 years now, and came in just before the changes started taking place. There is some truth behind the "it's who you know not what you know" theory. Overall though, I think it's how hard you work and who notices. I used to love my job, but since the l... Read More

Cintas — Buffalo, New York

I am a long term SSR and am very unhappy with the Union talk and activity in Buffalo. My pay is darn good(especially with the economy and unemployment the way it is) and everyone is slowly going to a 4 day work week which is fantastic!!(More time with family and friends!) The benefits are... Read More

Lowes — CR, MN

I started working for Lowe's after 23yrs in a union grocery store. The pay, starting and otherwise is so much better than the union offered. This company respects you and your family, helping you whenever possible. If you want to and show yourself, you can move up as far as you desire. ... Read More


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