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Boston Scientific — Maple Grove

The pay at BSC is decent but less than SJM and MDT. The respect and communication among departments of the same function is good but cross-functionally it needs improvements due to weak leaders with their own ambitious agendas. The benfits are awesome since they are centalized under Mass... Read More

Sears — North Dakota

The pay is horrible! I could be making so much more money frying french fries.
Although I choose not to. I love my job, it's really great. But working for US Vision is not so great.
I hardly deal with corporate, so it's not a problem right now, but they are all a-holes! They are al... Read More

Honeywell — Honolulu, HI

The pay is great considering the economy is doing so good right now. They pay me well for what I do. Everyone respects EVERYONE here. It's awesome. Everyone is great to work with. You have your few grumpy people but nothing extreme. The benefits are the usual as with most companies. This... Read More

Harris Teeter — Northern Virginia

I was a produce manager for Harris Teeter. Had to leave a few years back due to relocation for family reasons. If not for that I would still be working there. Upper management sometimes had some unrealistic expectations, but overall, a great place to work. I was guaranteed 46 hours, ve... Read More


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