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Intuit — Tucson, AZ

I have to start with the fact that I hated my first job with Intuit. I hated tech support. I sounded like a sailor with turettes. That being said. This was, hands down, the best company I ever worked for. I'm not saying they didn't have their problems, and I know the layoffs there now... Read More

Cablevision — hoboken, nj

I love working for Cablevision, they've given me many opportunities to succeed AND I HAVE. I make great money for my age and work hard to earn it. The 401k & benefits are awesome, this company is very fair & treats you good if you're doing what you're paid to do. If you hate Cablevisio... Read More

Progressive Insurance — Dallas, TX

Pay-To work in this company you have to be vigorous about asking for what you're due. I have been with the company for a little over 3 yrs and have gotten 6 blocks. Did I bug the hell out of my manager and teamleader everyday until I got it? Yes I did.
Respect: You have to demand r... Read More

Sears — Baton Rouge, LA

There are certain things I like about working here and other things that make me crazy. I do like the people, I enjoy the customers, and the potential is there to make money with hourly plus commission rate. However, certain managers here make the job more difficult than it has to be. ... Read More


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