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US Coast Guard — San Diego, CA

I have been in the Coast Guard for 6 1/2 years now, and recently re-enlisted for another 6. The job security is great, the pay is decent, and the benefits are wonderful. Location depends on where you want to get stationed, and where they send you. You've got to understand it's based on ... Read More

Progressive Insurance — MidAtlantic

Pay: Competitive with the competition, Im satisfied Respect : Definitely Benefits: So far have been great Job Security : If your a hard worker you have nothing to worry about Work/Life Balance: I have no problems with it. From reading some other posts on here it appears that people ju... Read More

IBM — Boulder, Co

Mellow - even when their hair is on fire. The people I work with have been here forever - most 20 plus years. My office mate has been on maternity leave for a year. I think she works one Friday a month. Mellow mellow mellow Read More

Shopko — Fairmont, MN

This was the first job I had in high school, and I kept it through my college years. I then went full-time for a year after graduating, and it's honestly been the best job that I've had. I disliked it at the time, but only because it was unfulfilling -- I'm a college grad, and still workin... Read More


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