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AIG — Portland, OR

AIG is relatively new to the personal lines auto insurance market, so there's lots of growing pains right now. But despite this, it's been a great place to work thus far. If you're experienced and competent, you're left alone (for the most part) by upper management to do your job as well a... Read More

University of Kentucky — Lexington, KY

I love working at UK because of the numerous opportunities that exist to those that pursue them (free education, work/life balance - freedom). There is a sense of purpose that comes from working for a University and, although there are those with the "state-worker mentality", I have inter... Read More

Cardinal Health — Columbus, OH

I work at a lab that is located away from the headquarters, and the lab is very nice. The people who work in the payroll departmen though, are utterly incompetent. I had to contact them several times, send several faxes (which they contiued to lose), and call several times to set up my dir... Read More

party city — aurora, Co

First job I ever had, and the easiest job I ever had! It was a joke but I quess thats why they pay min wage! Read More


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