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Nordstrom — Costa Mesa, CA

This is a challenging job, so if you want to work for this co. then you'll have to put much more ffort than you would for any other retail stores. The work is rewarding but refunds are a bitch!
If you love clothing and are comfortable in approaching people then this is the right job fo... Read More

Microsoft — Redmond, WA

I have worked for Microsoft on two occasions. Both for approximately 2 years. During my first stint, I was well rewarded for my efforts, but I had a hard time figuring out where I would progress my career after that point. I left the company to pursue consulting for a year, and after leavi... Read More

exxonmobil — Houston, TX

ExxonMobil hires strong candidates from strong universities so employees are very qualified and competent. The company is full of bright people. There is a very structured ranking program that ocurrs annually. High performers are rapidly rotated to new assignments which frequently inclu... Read More

Travelers Insurance — Chicago Bears

What can I say. The past 23 years have been excellent. Travelers is a great place to work from my perspective. There are not many insurance companies that are a good place to work. I have friends that work for several different companies. They all expect a lot. We live in a day and age whe... Read More


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