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Abbott Laboratories — Abbott

Overall a good company. Good benefits and job security. The location is less than to be desired. Read More

Macys — Walla Walla, Wa.

Many people dislike their macy's job, however, i very much enjoy mine.

The location at which i work is fairly small, two levels. the management is competent and greet their employee's daily, learn their names and take a general interest. Complaints are taken seriously and manageme... Read More

Best Buy — Baytown, Texas

I don't work here anymore, but I have to say it was my favorite job. I worked in PCHO/Wireless and loved it. You have to know your stuff to even make it through the day, so if you don't know it you will. Everyone knows what they're talking about and are kept well informed, unlike most reta... Read More

Progressive Insurance — OH

First couple of years my pay increased 30%, now I feel like I have been reeled in, promises to help me to advance has been replaced with "lets work on your plan". Benefits, well I was union for 17 years and had it made, but that company left Ohio, and the union isn't here for me now, so I... Read More


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