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JCPenney — Brookfield, WI

I loved working at JCP. It was perhaps the working environment too, but I loved all my coworkers. I had excellent managers, except for maybe one, but everything else was great! Retail just sucks in general but JCP was great. We had staff to put away clothes while I mainly cashiered. I miss... Read More

Trader Joes — OHIO

I am very happy to be a Crew Member at Trader Joe's. I am a foodie, and I love to keep busy. So it is a great fit for me. I have worked in alot of other businesses and this is the one for me. We take care of each other big time, the crew and the customers. Even the store Managers (cal... Read More

Nordstrom — Costa Mesa, CA

This is a challenging job, so if you want to work for this co. then you'll have to put much more ffort than you would for any other retail stores. The work is rewarding but refunds are a bitch!
If you love clothing and are comfortable in approaching people then this is the right job fo... Read More

gap inc — Missouri

Gap is a great place to work if your just starting out. It's a good company that also has good intentions with their charity work. They also take care of their employees. You get a generous discount. I also really enjoyed working with my co workers. There is opportunity for advancement but... Read More


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