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Best Buy — NYC/Long Island area

I have worked in 3 stores over 7 years. Fun place to work if you make the effort to make it fun. Management will promise you the world but only give you just enough to NOT quit. Good place to put on your resume however if you stay for more than 2-3 years, make sure you are going to make it... Read More

Intuit — Fredericksburg

I worked at Intuit in their Fredericksburg, VA location for a year and a half before being laid off. The work environment and the benefits were the best thing about the job for me. You could wear whatever you wanted to work including flip flops, shorts, sweat pants, etc. and you had practi... Read More

Progressive Insurance — Florida

I have worked for Progressive for many years and I believe the company offers great pay, great benefits, and provides a good vacation package. I belueve if you are an organized person that you can manage the workload.
The only complaint/fear that I have is that Progressive is a youth ... Read More

JCPenney — Ocala, Florida

This store is a wonderful JCPenney to work at. I have worked there for over three years. I am now away at college, but they said that I can come back to work there whenever I want so I come back during breaks and the summer. Everyone there is nice and the management respects the associa... Read More


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