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Jack in the Box — Prescott, AZ

Though the pay is albeit low, this place is absolutely awesome to work at. Not overly stressing, so long as you do your job you'll have fun and make new friends. the coworkers and management are all awesome and easy going. once you get settled in and comfortable you'll feel like family. Read More

Bank of America — Wichita, KS

I worked for BOA for a year. Were there things I didn't like about my job?...absolutely, however, I loved my job. I was a sales and service specialist and I loved going to work everyday. The benefits are great! I received a raise and two bonuses within that year. The opportunity to mo... Read More

Express — Beachwood, Ohio

Pay: Not bad for a student or someone who is just looking for a part time job. It's retail, what do you expect?
Respect: To be honest, this is one of the more respectful jobs I have ever had. My bosses are great and nearly everyone is positive and great to work with.
Benefits: Besi... Read More

AT&T — Texas

A couple of things; top management employee's tend to drink away all of their sorrows at the local watering hole 5 min from the corporate office. We send out memos to our workers, and clients thanking them for the opportunity to serve them for 1-3 days. We are in meeting after meeting di... Read More


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