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Sobeys — Halifax

All in all sobeys isn't that bad a place to work. Yes, you get the odd employees that go against the grain. Think you get that everywhere. Pay at Sobeys isn't that bad, and if you are willing to put any effort into what you do I truly believe you will be rewarded. Rewarded in pay and or jo... Read More

Forever 21 — Dearborn, Michigan

Pay is min. wage which is fine for an entry level sales associate. Respect is pretty good at my store unless the district manager or higher come in. We have no benefits as part time which sucks because it would be nice to have an option to even purchase some. Job security is not good we ha... Read More

Walgreens — Burnsville, MN

I work at Walgreens and I rather like it. I think I get paid a good amount for the work I do. For the most part, I've enjoyed everyone I work with. Out of all the jobs I've had, this job has probably been the best one. Read More

Fedex — Pocatello,Idaho

Pay is good for paycheck to paycheck living, for just a high school graduate; it will pay the bills. Respect is there if earned, if you can earn it. That would be up to the individual who deems it worthy of earning it. Benifits are great with affordable plans,deducted weelky. Job security,... Read More


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